TSAP Consulting

Adrian is an actuary and director of TSAP Consulting, providing support to the Life Assurance sector.

His career includes direct insurance, reinsurance and consultancy. TSAP has a particular focus on database applications needed for mortality. morbidity and longevity,  Adrian co-ordinates a specialist team focusing on software and risk management with an emphasis on experience analysis, longevity swap administration and data transformations. TSAP’s EASui and PAXmin systems are highly regarded industry standards for Experience Analysis and Longevity Swap administration.  He is a regular contributor and speaker at industry forums, helping decision makers to understand the narrative that data is revealing so that better-informed decisions are made. 

Prior to founding TSAP in 2005, Adrian headed up reinsurance pricing operations for Revios, Life and Group Risk technical pricing terms for Swiss Re and Group Risk management for Southern Life.

Adrian studied to become an actuary at UCT in South Africa where he qualified as an FIA.  During the early 1990’s he was at the forefront of research into Life Office implications of the HIV epidemic.

In 2008, working with a team of industry colleagues, he demonstrated how causes of mortality were signalling a marked slow-down for mortality improvements within 5 years.   

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