The regular Friday update on all things COVID-19 including vaccines, R, testing and treatments
What are the implications of the pandemic for the life insurance industry in South Africa? Louis Rossouw sets out the key issues.
The Longevity Science Panel has published The COVID-19 Report, a comprehensive review of COVID-19 effects and responses up to October 2021.
Our regular update on recent studies and data - here, treatments, Long COVID, vaccine efficacy, and smoking amongst other topics.
In this blog, Nicola Oliver sets out some of the key themes that could determine the future impact of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.
Has the pandemic really reduced life expectancy by 3 months? Probably not. John Ng explains why it's too early to gauge the real impact.
COVID-19 is still one of the hottest topics for scientific papers and articles. The COVID‑19 Actuaries Response Group provides a regular for
With a third wave hitting Australia, which until now had relative success managing COVID, we examine what went wrong, and what comes next.
Our 50th Friday Report, summarising latest news and research - variants, vaccines and more.
South African life insurer Discovery Life has announced that vaccinated people will be offered discounts on policies. Will others follow?
Exploring the case for equitable vaccine distribution to mitigate the global economic impact of COVID, alongside aiding humanitarian efforts
Our regular summary of recent studies and data on COVID-19, with focus on vaccines and variants
A brief update on ICU bed occupancy
On 19 July, England moved to Step 4 of the roadmap. How did the public respond? We take a look at Google mobility data to see.
An update on the breakdown of COVID-19 hospital admissions between the unvaccinated, partly vaccinated and fully vaccinated.
This bulletin investigates the question of booster shots and whether they may be better used as 1st doses in low income countries.
Our regular update on recent COVID-19 studies and news. Vaccines, hospitalisation, mortality amongst other things ...
If the recent rate of increase in ICU occupancy continues we will exceed the level at which we previously locked down within two weeks
Public use of masks has been primarily for the benefit of others. With restrictions eased self-protection may be a concern in risky settings