Networking Event


This group came together via the Linked-in social network. Concerned actuaries, epidemiologists, longevity specialists and individuals came together in the weekend of 7-8 March 2020, as the Lombardy region in Italy was being shut down.

Instinctively, we knew that we face a global crisis of epic proportions, and we have to do what we can quickly, meaningfully and thoughtfully.

Our Purpose :

• To help actuaries in thinking and responding to the COVID-19 crisis.

• To create a community and forum for actuaries and others to learn, educate, inform and influence the unfolding events in a positive and constructive way. We pledge to do the above in a manner which will bring credit to the actuarial profession, and we will support and enhance our profession’s commitment to societal and public interest.

We agree to be governed by the following principles. 

1. The six principles of the IFoA’s Actuaries Code.

2. We will seek science and data, appreciating that we will not get to the full truth and objectivity if we want to respond quickly. We seek to extricate the signal from the noise.

3. We will adopt a multi- disciplinary approach and bring an innovative approach in framing both the problems and solutions. Hence, we will go out of the group to seek expertise.

4. We want to respond quickly to the crisis, and we will make our material available to the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA).

5. We appreciate what we release as bulletins and studies et. al. are “Beta versions” (work in progress) – and that better and more complete versions will and can be made in the fullness of time. We are mindful of this trade-off – “rigour and comprehensiveness” versus “responsiveness and usefulness” and seek to tilt our approach to the latter.

6. We are all speaking in our personal capacity, and we do not represent our respective employers, organisations or IFoA’s official policy.