• Matthew Edwards

COVID-19 and ethnic minorities: a triple risk?

Bulletin 114 | Matthew Edwards

Many ethnic minorities have suffered disproportionately from COVID-19: the spread of infection has been higher, and survival from COVID-19 has been lower per infection. Last year, the impact of COVID-19 on ethnic minorities in terms of deaths per person in England was around 150% what it was for the White population.

Now with vaccine roll-out under way, that relationship may be exacerbated by a third aspect - lower vaccine take-up in ethnic minorities. The already high 150% differential more than doubles to a differential of over 300% (given our knowledge to date of vaccine take-up rates).

Failure to unlock the full preventative benefits of the vaccine across society represents a considerable lost opportunity: COVID-19 deaths in ethnic minority groups are falling, but they could be falling more.

C19ARG BAME_TripleRisk_Edwards 25March20
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