• Nicola Oliver

Friday Report - Issue 35

Bulletin 102 | Nicola Oliver, Matt Fletcher and John Roberts

COVID-19 is still one of the hottest topics for scientific papers and articles. The COVID‑19 Actuaries Response Group provides a regular Friday update with a summary of the key papers and articles that we’ve looked at recently. In this report:

  • Characteristics of First Month Vaccinations

  • Monitoring of vaccine side-effects

  • Characteristics of those testing positive for COVID-19

  • UK Biobank Serology study

  • Rapid testing technologies

  • Direct and Indirect Impacts of COVID-19 on Excess Deaths (SAGE)

  • Excess mortality by country

  • ONS infection and antibody surveys

  • R

... and finally, some flying haggis.

C19 ARG Friday Report 5Feb2021v2
Download PDF • 1.62MB

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