• Nicola Oliver

Monthly Medical Update - Issue 1

Bulletin 47 | By Nicola Oliver

The monthly medical update will provide a view of what we think the medical state of play is. For issue 1 we have chosen to look only at vaccines as this is the area of most uncertainty

An effective vaccine against the SARS-CoV-2 virus is championed as one of the most effective routes out of the current pandemic. There are six candidate vaccines in phase 3 trials. Successful development of one vaccine by early 2021 therefore seems plausible. However, there are then problems around effectiveness, safety, manufacturing, acceptance and uptake - making the idea of mass vaccination in the next 12-18 months seem implausible. Society needs to adopt a new way of thinking, and living, and apply protective measures that we know are effective now. This includes extensive testing, contact tracing and quarantining.

Monthly Medical Update - Issue 1 - Vacci
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