• Stuart McDonald

New Year, new website

We enter 2021 with mixed emotions, with vaccines beginning to be rolled out around the world, but with cases and deaths rising in many countries. In the UK cases are soaring, driven by new and more transmissible variants of the virus, with death numbers following. We are in a race against time to vaccinate the population, particularly the most vulnerable groups.

The COVID-19 Actuaries Response Group (C19 ARG) have made the most of the quieter Christmas period to redesign our website to hopefully make it easier to navigate and locate our past work. This has also allowed us to add various media presentations and videos by our members. Any feedback or suggestions are most welcome.

The C19 ARG in 2020 have been Adrian Baskir, Matthew Edwards, Matt Fletcher, Andrew Gache, Stephen Kramer, Joseph Lu, Stuart McDonald, Nicola Oliver, Adrian Pinnington, John Roberts, Josephine Robertson, Louis Rossouw, Dan Ryan, Tan Suee Chieh and Gordon Woo. We are indebted to the whole team for this remarkable collaboration, which resulted in 91 bulletins in 2020 along with international media coverage in print and on radio.

We would like to express our sincere thanks all those who worked with us on bulletins in 2020, including Chris Daykin, Beate Degan, Yifei Gong, Dermot Grenham, Zoe Harcombe, Mohammad Khan, Dylan Liew, Richard Marshall, Gary McInally, James Sharpe and Peter Tompkins. Thanks also to Conrad Edwards for many colourful but often sombre graphs. Thank you!

Here's to a better 2021!

Matthew, Nicola and Stuart


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