• Matt Fletcher

The Friday Report - Issue 12

Bulletin 44 | Matthew Fletcher and Nicola Oliver

Every week, more is written on COVID-19 than any individual could possibly read. Collectively, the COVID‑19 Actuaries Response Group read more about the outbreak than most, so we’ve decided each Friday to provide you with a curated list of the key papers and articles that we’ve looked at recently.

In this report:

  • Test, trace and isolation

  • Children and COVID-19

  • Dexamethasone

  • Genetic association with severity of COVID-19

  • Age and disease susceptibility

  • Antibodies

  • COVID-19 SOLES project

  • ONS Coronavirus (COVID-19) related deaths by disability status, England and Wales

  • More or less

COVID19 - The Friday Report Issue 12 - 1
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