• Dan Ryan

The Friday Report - Issue 29

20 November 2020

Issue 29 | By Matt Fletcher, Dan Ryan, John Roberts

In this issue we touch on:

- Vaccine breaking news

BioNTech / Pfizer


AstraZeneca / University of Oxford

- COVID-19 attacking brain astrocytes

- News on Tocilizumab from the REMAP-CAP trial

- Personalised risk prediction from Medicare

- Benefits of universal mask use

- COVID-19 at the cellular level

- Imperial College Reports

How can we keep schools and universities open?

Modelling ICU capacity under different epidemiological scenarios

- London school of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Assessment of tiered restrictions and a second lockdown

- Demographic and Occupational Influences in Hospital Staff

- ONS Infectivity Update

- R Estimate

C19 ARG Friday report 20Nov2020
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