• Adele Groyer

The Friday Report - Issue 55

Bulletin 136 - Matt Fletcher, Adele Groyer, John Roberts and Dan Ryan

COVID-19 is still one of the hottest topics for scientific papers and articles. The COVID‑19 Actuaries Response Group provides a regular fortnightly update with a summary of the key papers and analyses that we've looked at recently.

This week we report:

  • Vaccine progress - boosters and young people

  • Compulsory vaccines for NHS staff

  • Antibodies - duration, waning, breakthrough infection, prevalence and antibody type

  • Changing attitudes to COVID-19 vaccination

  • Self-perception of long COVID

  • Modelling

  • Alpha vs. Delta

  • Home deaths

  • Non-COVID excess deaths

  • R

And finally, a Greek tragedy....

COVIDARG_FridayReport 55 - 12 Nov 21
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