• Adrian Baskir

Vaccines - What Happens Next?

7 September 2020

Bulletin 61 | By Dylan Liew and Adrian Baskir

As the journey to find a SARS-CoV-2 vaccine continues, we explore what might happen when we reach the finishing line in a UK context. We consider how many people need to be vaccinated to provide herd immunity. The practicalities of administering vaccines to the majority of the population are also examined. Using the experience of flu vaccination, this is uncharted territory for the UK as only 13% of those under 65 were previously vaccinated. The question of prioritising who gets vaccinated first is also considered – do you start with the young and healthy or the most vulnerable? Or key workers? It’s possible that people will need multiple vaccines, and this too presents challenges. Finally, how will the so-called “Anti-Vax” philosophy hamper rollout efforts.

Bulletin 61 - What happens after a vacci
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