• Adrian Baskir

'Vaccinogistics’ - the logistics of roll-out

Bulletin 91 | Dylan Liew and Adrian Baskir

Whilst the world rejoices at the news of the approved SARS-CoV2 vaccines, many countries are realising there is another major hurdle to overcome: logistics. How can we ensure the vaccines are administered quickly enough to beat the spread of the virus?

Global vaccine distribution will be fraught with practical and logistical challenges with particular regard to the low-temperature environment required for some of the vaccines – and this will need to be maintained throughout shipping (the “cold chain”). We need to consider mundane issues such as box sizes, space, ice, rubber stoppers , and glass production – on top of the detailed planning to ensure sufficient personnel as well as suitable locations to administer mass-scale vaccination.

C19 ARG Vaccinogistics 8Jan2021
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